5 Best Places to Visit in France

For the past two decades, France has reigned as one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Annually, the country receives close to 82 million tourists. Across the globe, travelers are drawn to France’s exquisite cuisine, culture, picturesque countryside, and fine wines. While there are various wonderful cities and destinations to explore, some of the must-see places in France will make your trip a worthwhile adventure.

In this guide, therefore, we discuss the top 5 best places to visit in France.

1. Paris.

Christened as the Capital of Fashion, Paris is the capital city of France. The city is famous for its command in industries like entertainment, romantic ambiance, art, gastronomy, and culture. Some of the must see places while in Paris include:

· Notre Dame

· The Eiffel Tower

· Palais de justice-the place is well known for French revolution

· The Louvre

· Saint Chappelle

2. The Cote d’Azur (French Riviera).

The French Riviera is situated along the Southeast of France. It stretches along the Mediterranean seaside and is a home to Cannes International Film Festival. While at Riviera, you can visit the incredible St. Tropez, which is essentially the Principality of Monaco. Other charming and scenic places include the perched villages of Eze and St. Paul de Vence. Riviera region enjoys a wonderfully mild and warm climate making it one of the most preferred destinations.

3. Dordogne.

Unless you are on a long holiday vacation, Dordogne is a scenic region situated in southwestern France. The region is known for many activities; thus, if you do not have enough time, you will have to choose what to see in this area. Beginning with the chateaus and picture-postcard villages to the most-preserved Chateau de Baynac, which is a castle in the hilltop. The view at Dordogne is pretty awesome with the River Dordogne running through it. Besides, it is also a home to some of the best prehistoric caves in France.

4. Bordeaux.

With just a half an hour to the inland of Atlantic Ocean, Bordeaux is one of the major cities in France stuffed with historic sites, fine architecture, exceptional shopping experience, and art of cultural scene. The city features close to 350 landmarks and historic structures which include charming old bridges like Ponte de Pierre and medieval churches. In addition, it also features beautiful plazas, of all, the Place De la Bourse is outstanding due to its mirror-like effect. Moreover, a visit to the Bordeaux city will not be complete without a drive through the serene wine country where one can admire chateaux, vineyards and picturesque.

5. The Loire Valley.

This area embodies the countries 18th-century aristocracy. Besides, it is a home to some of the most magnificent and stunning castles in the world. The valley is known as the Garden of France; hence, ensure when you visit you soak yourself up in its luscious, yet unforgettable scenery. If you visit the area during summer, you will be treated to some of the outdoor activities like theatre, music, and fireworks. Furthermore, one of the most prominent art of architecture resides in the Loire Valley; the 13th-century cathedral, which is considered one of the finest buildings in Europe derived from the Gothic influence – click the article on best tourist sites in france.